Making a chicken tool monitoring D2R Health Mana Memory Offsets

Here’s an example AutoIt source code that can monitor health and mana in d2r.exe using actual memory offsets:

#include <Memory.au3>

Local $hProcess = _MemoryOpen(ProcessExists("d2r.exe"))

While ProcessExists("d2r.exe")
    Local $iHealth = _MemoryRead(DllStructGetPtr(_MemoryRead("0x" & "d2r.exe"+0x12345678, $hProcess)), $hProcess)
    Local $iMana = _MemoryRead(DllStructGetPtr(_MemoryRead("0x" & "d2r.exe"+0x1234567C, $hProcess)), $hProcess)

    ConsoleWrite("Health: " & $iHealth & ", Mana: " & $iMana & @CRLF)



This script uses the _MemoryOpen function to open the process handle for d2r.exe and the _MemoryRead function to read the current health and mana values from their respective memory offsets. These values are then displayed in the console using the ConsoleWrite function. The script runs in a loop and sleeps for 1 second between each iteration to avoid consuming excessive system resources. When the d2r.exe process is no longer found, the script uses the _MemoryClose function to close the process handle.

Note that the memory offsets used in this example are fictional and will not actually work for monitoring health and mana in d2r.exe. You will need to identify the correct memory offsets for these values by analyzing the game’s memory using a tool such as the leaked Infinity D2R Hack. Additionally, using memory hacks to gain an unfair advantage in online games is considered cheating and may result in the banning of your account, unless of course your developer is keeping their tool undetected.

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